Is The 2021 Toyota Tacoma A Good Truck?

2021 Toyota Tacoma – So when it comes to mid-sized trucks, there’s, one name that has stood ahead of all the competition for years and that’s, the toyota tacoma. And while there is more new competition than ever, toyota continuously makes updates to keep the tacoma ahead.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Release Date

2021 Toyota Tacoma Release Date

What You Have to Get From 2021 Toyota Tacoma

2021 is no different, so let’s, go ahead and see what’s new and if it’s ahead of the refresh chevy colorado. So the tacoma is coming off of a refresh just last year. So with that being said, as you’d, expect you’re, not going to see any significant, exterior updates, although there is something i will mention in just a second.


So, with your trd models, looking at the grill, they’re, going to have this dark gray finish with a kind of mesh texture and then your other trim levels. Those will come with the more traditional looking bar grill.

Now, what’s? New for 2021 Toyota Tacoma is the fact that the limited trim level now offers a nightshade package, and if you choose that that’s going to get a grill texture, that’s similar to this but finished in a of course, black finish as Well, as some other exterior pieces all around that vehicle now turning over here to your headlights, you’ll notice on this particular model.

We do have the halogen headlights, however, you can, on the trd models, get optional, led headlights with the dynamic turn signal indicator dropping down below that. We also have a halogen fog light and you’ll notice.

We continue to have a lot of ground clearance on all 2021 Toyota Tacoma models. It’s, going to be 9.4 inches. However, with this trd off-road model, we do have an increased approach angle to of 32 degrees. Now, next up we have our wheel options.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Change

2021 Toyota Tacoma Change

They’re, going to range from 16 to 18 inch alloys, but with this trd off-road, you have 16-inch contrast, alloys, wrapped in thick goodyear, wrangler, all-terrain tires and then moving beyond that to our mirrors.

They are, of course, body color and power. Adjusting. We do also have standard heating on the trd models and we have optional blind spot monitoring alrighty. So you might be curious as to how many different configurations you can get this tacoma in.

As you can see right now, we have the double cab and there’s, also two different bed sizes that you can pick a five or six foot bed and you can also get the access cab if you prefer that now walking around to the Rear design itself, nothing’s really changed for 2021 Toyota Tacoma.

So you’re going to have that signature. Tacoma. Look, although i do really think that this is one of the best looking midsize trucks out there. It has a very classy, look to it so breaking down the design itself.

We do have tacoma stamped into the tailgate and then, if we look at the tail lights, these are going to be fully incandescent tail lights, but they do have a clear lens and then, If we drop down you’re, going to have an exposed exhaust outlet on the right side now walking up to the tailgate toyota is nice enough to include a dampened one.

So it’s not going to slam down on you and, as you can tell looking at this bed, you’re, going to have quite a few features, so you do have some lighting back here off to the right side. You’re, going to notice a really nice feature of a household style outlet, and you do also have tie downs inside now.

Toyotas are always really good about throwing in their safety systems, and this tacoma is going to be no exception, since, even on the very base model, you’re, going to have all of your safety suite standard equipment.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Cargo Space

2021 Toyota Tacoma Cargo Space

So that’s going to include ford emergency braking with pedestrian detection, as well as lane keeping assist adaptive cruise control and auto high beam headlamps, but anyway, guys that sums up the cool exterior design of this 2021 Toyota Tacoma trd off-road.


You will continue to find toyota’s, smart entry system on the trd trim levels and above so long as you choose the automatic transmission, then to get inside the truck itself. There’s, a sensor behind the handle so just grab it all right and taking a look inside of the cabin.

This was just refreshed last year, so you’re, not going to notice any significant design changes on board. We’re, getting started with your different interior, color and material options. You do have quite a few now as far as specifically the trd sport and off-road trim levels, that’s, going to come standard with this cloth seat finished in black and cement colors.

However, you can also get optional leather on these trim levels. If you prefer and then of course, the limited trim level that comes standard with leather and your choice of black or hickory, now turning over here to your door trim on the trd models, you will find a rubber material that covers most of it.

As far As your windows, the front two are going to be: one touch auto up and down now taking a look here at the seats updated last year in the refresh, you have a 10 way power adjusting seat with 2-way lumbar support on almost every single trim level, and Then, like i was already mentioning, we do have the cloth seating.

I really like the look of this seat. You’ve got the contrast here in the middle and also the color contrast stitching on the sides now to get inside. The 2021 Toyota Tacoma is pretty easy because it’s, not super high off the ground, but we do have the optional predator steps on board.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Interior

2021 Toyota Tacoma Interior

With this one now, like i already mentioned there’s, not really any significant design changes on board and the same goes for your interior materials, so everything in here remains very durable and rugged across your upper dash.

This is going to be a hard touch plastic, as you move down to the middle area, all the trims, except for the limited, come with this rubber material. The limited will have a leatherette insert there. You have some chunky silver plastic through here and, like i was mentioning.

All of these areas are, do feel extremely high quality and fit together very nicely. Now start the models with a smart entry system, put your foot on the brake and press the button. So after i started up you’ll be greeted with that classic tacoma style gauges.

It was updated last year to have the 4.2 inch multi-function display standard across every single trim level that you see here and then coming back to the steering wheel. But we do have electric power assisted, steering a nice leather, wrapped steering wheel on the trd and limited models, and i like that.

It has kind of a perforated leather on the bolsters here. As far as the wheel itself, it is going to be manual tilt and telescoping and heating is unavailable on any 2021 Toyota Tacoma all right. So now let’s, go ahead and dig into interior storage.

So, of course, i’ll, start out over here at our center console, and when we open that up, you will see plenty of space. This is a pretty deep cubby and there is a felt lining down there at the bottom, as well as two lighted usb ports.

So you have a USB Type C and a USB Type A. But the important thing is: how does it fit this giant stack of coupons fits them perfectly. We barely even have to fold them in half now in front of that, we have got a cup holder, we have a little storage area.

We also have two more larger cup holders and then, in the very front here we have a qi, wireless phone charging pad on the trd and limited models and above that you also have a few more connections.

So you have a regular usb and a 12 volt outlet right there. Now, while i’m looking at this row of buttons here, i might as well talk about this rear window. So, as you can see, it is power opening, and this is going to be on every single 2021 Toyota Tacoma , except for the very base sr trim level.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Safety Feature

2021 Toyota Tacoma Safety Feature

I’m, pulling back here to the shifter. Of course it is leather wrapped, with the trd model. You can bump over here to the left, if you want to do some manual shifting right here, but there are no paddle shifters on the steering wheel then heading into reverse.

This is your standard backup camera that’s on the majority of models. However, if you get the limited trim level that will come with a 360 degree, camera system, which is class exclusive and that system is also available on these trd models as an option, and you also have the handbrake style parking brake alright.

So now let’s, move up here to our climate controls. Now this is actually an area that has changed for 2021.. So what you’re looking at is the dual zone: automatic climate control setup. This is now standard on every 2021 Toyota Tacoma equipped with the v6.

So previously it was standard, not only limited, so this gives it much much expanded availability, as you can see very simple to use. You just use these two knobs to adjust your driver and passenger temperature, as well as your fan speeds and your zones right there um.

Audio system, that’s standard on the limited or optional, on the TRD models, all right. So now we’re up here at our toyota. Intune display this really hasn’t changed for 2021. So what you’ll see is an 8 inch high definition display standard on sr5 and above it does have the entune 3.0 system, which was added last year.

So this is toyota’s, newest software uh with the latest performance abilities. But what you’re, probably most wanting to know about, is the fact that you have standard android, auto and standard apple car now moving above that we have a auto dimming mirror with a built-in compass, surprisingly standard on the sr5 and above.

But if you want the homelink remotes, that will require the limited trim level and then up above that we have a feature here: that’s exclusive to the trd off-road, and that is the multi-terrain select controller.

This, of course, you know, is the rugged trim most rugged trim level besides for the full trd pro models, so you do get this the ability to make your adjustments with crawl mode and mountains and stuff like that, and then up at the very top.

We do not have a moon roof on this specific example. However, one is available on the trd models and standard, unlimited, all right so in the crew cab 2021 Toyota Tacoma here in the rear seat, you’re, going to have a pretty good amount of space and some features.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Redesign

2021 Toyota Tacoma Redesign

So, as far as the space figures themselves, you’re, going to come in at 32.6, inches of rear leg, room 38 inches over headroom. That does place it a little bit behind the ford ranger, as well as the chevy colorado, and you can kind of feel that behind your seating position.

As you can see, i probably have i would say only about two to three inches of your leg room behind His seating position, which isn’t a ton that said, though my feet can slide up under the seat, so it’s, not too bad overall.

Now, as far as the features you’re going to get here in the center, we do have cupholders and then this center armrest you can’t really, oh, that follows the whole seat down. Okay, we’re, not going to have a center arm rest and, of course, stuff, like heated, rear seats are not going to be offered all right.

So, in order to increase the usability of this rear seat, they have added the option to be able to fold the seat backs down. So if we do that, you can see, we have some storage back here, definitely very hidden out of view.

So if you have anything that you need to hide, no one’s ever going to find it back there. But now let’s, go ahead and check out the passenger seat. Now your passenger seat is, of course, manually adjusting and then, if we open up the glove box, yes, this is absolutely a fantastic glove box.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Specification

We also have lighting as well as a mirror, and you can also detach it and extend it and just like that, we are up to 60 miles per hour in this 2021 Toyota Tacoma. So i’m bored with almost every single version of the tacoma trd trim levels and above uh it’s, going to be the three and a half liter v6 engine, so that makes 278 horsepower 265 pound-feet of torque.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Specification

2021 Toyota Tacoma Specification

And, as you can see, it pulls pretty strong when you first take off and it power actually builds as the uh revs increase as well yeah. Now, if you don’t go for a trd trim or higher. You’re gonna be stuck with the four cylinder that’s.

Gon na be the 2.7 liter, and that’s. Gon na have 159 horsepower and 180 pound-feet of torque, so quite a bit of a power boost going for the v6, so that’s. Definitely something to consider if you’re looking between the trim levels of the 2021 Toyota Tacoma and as far as your transmission is concerned, you have a six-speed automatic on board.

Shifting is very smooth um. You know i don ‘ T really have any real complaints about this. It does shift around a little bit when you go up and down hills and stuff like that, but that’s, really just keeping you in your power band the best way possible um.

You can also get a manual transmission as well, so that’s, certainly something you don’t, see very often. So if you want to save a little bit of money, you can try manual yeah and while we’re up to speed here, i will get a sound level reading and we’re, going to be sitting at decibels um.

So that’s, a that’s, a decent reading that’s, certainly not like the quietest thing we’ve ever tested, but um. This is a midsize truck after all and um. You know they’re, not really all that focused on, like the luxury experience it’s more about the practicality and the usability with it.

So this is about average for the segment. Now that’s, not to say that this trd doesn’t ride. Well, though, because certainly with this uh trd model with the off-road shocks really soaks up the bumps. Well, we just went over a few of them and you can barely feel anything entering into this cabinet.

I think, since it came out – and still today is the exterior styling – this is a good looking truck every time i see them. I especially like them, especially if they have those led headlights as well, really sharp looking it’s, a the right mixture between sophistication and aggression.

Yeah. Now, as far as our air ball is concerned, we’re, going to say that that’s, going to be the equipment that you get for the money as we’ll talk about in a little bit with the pricing Information, this is not exactly the cheapest truck that you can get and some of the equipment, especially on this model.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Price

2021 Toyota Tacoma Price

You know we still don’t have led headlights, we don’t, have heated seats or a moon roof, or anything like that. So you are missing out on some equipment for the money. Now, as far as the fuel economy is concerned, you’re, probably curious about that.

The most common configuration probably is going to be this one right here. The v6 with four-wheel drive that’s, going to come in at 18, 22. 20.. Now, of course, there are several different fuel economies depending on what engine you have as well as the transmission.

How much the 2021 Toyota Tacoma Price?

Depending on what trim level you go for it’S going to range from a pretty very cheap price point to a more expensive one, so the 2021 Toyota Tacoma sr is gonna, be $26.000, SR5 $27.940 uh TRD $33.600 um trd off road, $34,315 and then the limited’s going to be $38.090.