2021 Honda Civic Sedan – Still The BEST or WAIT For The New 2022 Civic?

2021 Honda Civic Sedan – The honda civic is example of those vehicles you see everywhere, since this has long been one of the most successful sedans in america. This current generation in particular, has gotten a lot of praise since it came out six years ago, but now that we’ve seen the all-new civic prototype.

2021 Honda Civic Sedan Release Date

2021 Honda Civic Sedan Release Date

What You Have to Get From 2021 Honda Civic Sedan

Should you go ahead and buy this one or wait for the new one? Let’s, go ahead and find out. Now, of course, since this is the last model year of this generation, you’re, not going to see any huge changes to the exterior design. But arguably it really doesn’t need anything because this has always been a really stylish offering in this class.


So, starting out in your front 2021 Honda Civic Sedan, you still got that black grill, that’s, going to go across all of the trim levels and make for a really nice contrasting look with most of the different colors, including this blue down here at the bottom.

Also on the sport model, you’ll notice, a black accent that traces around the fog light and then coming over here to your headlights. These are going to be halogen headlights on all the models, except for the fully loaded touring model, which is going to come with a full, led setup. However, you will still at least have the led daytime running light and then also all that the base model will come with fog lights.

Now one of my favorite things about the sport trim has always been the wheels because, even though this is only the second to base trim level, it has the same wheels as the fully loaded touring. The 18 inch contrast, alloys, which i think look very nice. Now. The ex trim levels, those are going to come with 17 inch alloys, and then you have a steel wheel on your lx trim level and then coming up here to your mirrors.

They’re, always going to be body colored uh. However, when you get to the ex trim level and above that’s, where you’ll start to get some features like heating and your lane watch camera system.  let’s talk about the rear design and i have to say, even though this is a pretty old vehicle. I still really really like the exterior design, especially here in the rear, because it just has a very cohesive and good sporty look now breaking down what you’re going to get as far as this sport model goes, you’re, going to have a black spoiler up top, which contrasts nicely with this blue paint, then we also have partially led tail lights.

All the accenting is led, however, the brake light turn signal and reverse light are incandescent and then dropping down. We also have this sporty diffuser on this model, and the sport is going to be the only one that gets the center mounted exhaust, which is a really cool touch for a vehicle in this class.

2021 Honda Civic Sedan Change

2021 Honda Civic Sedan Change

Now, honda’s also going to kill it when it comes to the safety systems, since they’re, throwing in all of them standard across all of the entire civic lineup. That’s, going to be all the stuff. You like, like ford emergency, braking with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, auto high beam headlamps as well as lane keeping assist, but anyway guys that’s, going to sum up the sporty exterior design of this 2021 Honda Civic Sedan.


However, 2021 Honda Civic Sedan has always had a pretty nice cabin for the class. The same also holds true for the different material and color options, so your lx, through your ex trim level, will continue to come with cloth, seating and then your exl and your touring trim levels will come with leather seating and then, as far as your color options, Those are going to be black gray or ivory on every single trim level, except for the sport, where it is black on now.

Turning over here to your door trim, you’ll, see the same materials reflected up here, so we have a leatherette material that covers the armrest. We have a textured plastic right here in the middle part, and then this top part is going to be soft touch with a little silver accent.

As far as your windows, they’re gonna, be one touch auto up and down for your driver and your passenger. Of course, you’ll, see we have the aluminum plates here with this sport and as far as the seats are concerned, you’re gonna have a six way manual, adjusting seat on your lower two trim levels, and eight-way power adjusting Seat on the ex trim level, and above and taking a closer look at the seat itself, as you can see, it is mostly a cloth material.

2021 Honda Civic Sedan Interior

2021 Honda Civic Sedan Interior

There is a little bit of skin right here on the outside edges – and you do have a really nice design in the middle now since this generation came out, this cabin has really received a lot of praise and i’ll, continue to praise It in 2021 Honda Civic Sedan only part of the top dash that’s, going to be a hard touch will be right above the gauge cluster.

Everything else is going to be finished in a nicely grained soft touch plastic down below. Here we have a black trim again more soft touch plastic with a stitching detail and as we move down lower, of course, you’re, going to run into some harder touch materials, but everything in here fits together really really nicely uh and feels very Solid now in all, but the base model put your foot on the brake and press the button to start.

Now, taking a look at our gage coaster here, honda does include the 7-inch digital gauge cluster across every single trim level, and this has all the typical functions you have come to expect, including things for your safety systems.  Then coming back to the steering wheel itself. Of course we do have electric power assisted, steering and honda will wrap it with leather. If you choose the exl touring or this sport trim level now up top, you would have rain sensing wipers on the touring trim level and then, as far as the wheel itself, it is going to be manual tilt and telescoping across all.

Models and heating is not available. Let’s, go ahead and talk about 2021 Honda Civic Sedan interior storage, because even after all, this time, really no one has come up with a better way to do this than honda so slide this back for your center console and you can lift it up.  As you see, you have an enormous amount of space, it goes way down there. It’s, really impressive. They can extract so much space out of a compact sedan. You got your two cup holders, you have an additional cup holder down there and when we get our coupons out really there’s, a ton of different places.

We can stick them, but we can throw them in right there and obviously, that’s, no problem whatsoever. However, there’s, still a lot more space after that you ‘ Ve got another big tray up here with a nice rubber lining, and then you have an entire pass-through area where you can again store even more things, and you have some more connections down there.

So really, this is still the class leader as far as interior storage goes now, taking a look at our shifter here. This is just a traditional style shifter. So your pullback for drive, of course, and then you can go back one more time to the.

That’s for sport and that will allow you to shift with the paddle shifters through some manual simulated gears here on the sport trim level hang into reverse. Of course, you will find a standard, backup, camera and so long as you choose anything except for the base lx, you will also have the active trajectory as well as the three different angles to choose between then right.

2021 Honda Civic Sedan Redesign

2021 Honda Civic Sedan Redesign

Next to the shifter. You have your standard electronic parking, brake and brake hold button now moving on up the dashboard. That brings us to our climate controls. So honda does continue to give you an automatic climate control setup on every single model. It’s, going to be single zone on the lx and sport dual zone, on the ex, and above since there’s, a sport model. Of course it is the single zone setup. So you make your adjustments. You’ll, see them reflect up there.

Most of the things have physical buttons, but a few functions like your zones will require you press the climate button and make those adjustments in the display okay. So now that brings us here to our audio system.

So the sport trim is coming with a 180 watt. Eight speaker sound system that’s, going to be the middle option and we’ll, go ahead and take a sample of it. So overall sound quality is quite nice. For this price point, i do think it has a pretty full sound to it all right. So now we’ll, go ahead and look next at our displays, so the lx trim level will continue to have a five inch display. Everything else will come with this seven-ish display.

Now, as you can probably tell, nothing, has changed as far as the software uh goes this year, so it still has the older style honda link system with the older graphics. As far as your features, though, you still have plenty of features.

You’re, going to have standard, android, auto and standard apple carplay. So long as you have this seven-inch display, and then the touring model will have built-in navigation and moving on up here we have a manual. Dimming mirror would be auto dimming on exl and touring, and then up at the very top. The sport does not throw in a moon roof. You will have to get at least the next trim level, the ex or above, to have a power moon roof so sitting in the 2021 Honda Civic Sedan rear seat.

This has always been an area that this car is really excelled at, and that continues of course, this year. So, as far as the space is concerned, it’s, going to come in at 37, inches of both leg and headroom, which does place it as larger than the toyota corolla, and it’s right on par with that of the new Hyundai elantra, as well as the nissan sentra, now behind racine position.

2021 Honda Civic Sedan Cargo Space

2021 Honda Civic Sedan Cargo Space

I have around five inches of rear room and my feet can easily set up underneath the seat, and i do want to point out that this seat back here is very, very comfortable now. As far as the features thrown in here in the middle, you’re, not really going to have any on the sport model.

However, if you opt for the fully loaded touring, you would have heated rear seats and also on the higher end models. You would have a center armrest now walking up to the trunk in order to open just locate the button under the lid, and it does pop right open. Now, once inside, you’re, going to find 15.1 cubic feet of space inside of this 2021 Honda Civic Sedan, and that does actually place it as larger than all of the main competition like the corolla elantra and new nissan sentra, and there’s.

A lot of space, and if this is not enough space for you, also keep in mind that honda does offer the civic hatch, which of course has more space back here as well. Now, as far as the features, there is a carpeting along the floor and if we lift it up there’s, a spare tire. We can also fold the seat. 60 40 split now over here on your passenger seat. Of course it is manually adjusting, then, if we open up the glove box watch out, because it is not dampened and it will bang against your knee.

But that said, there is a lot of space in here very impressed as far as our coupon test. There is, i mean, ample ample room, so you can be saving money. I know that those of you who buy honda 2021 Honda Civic Sedan are very practical people, so you can be saving money on food as well, then up top we do have a sun visor with a mirror.

We are missing the light and if we detach it, you can also extend, all right. So there we are taking off the 2021 civic sport. So with the civic sedan, unlike the hatchback, you have two different engine choices: that’s, going to continue for 2021, so the lx and the support they’re, going to come with the base.


2-Liter 4-cylinder engine, no turbo, that’s, making 158 horsepower 138 pound-feet of torque. Now, if you get one of the upper tremolos that comes with the 1.5 turbo and that has 174 horsepower yeah so uh, quite a bit of a power boost well about 20, some horsepower for the turbo, probably the biggest thing you’re, going to Notice about the difference between the two of those is that the turbo is going to be a little bit quieter upon its acceleration stuff, like that, since that one and a half liter turbo is one of the quietest engines ever but just cruising along here.

I do want to talk about the civic sports ride quality, as was its noise level entering into the cabin i’ve always been impressed with the way this civic rides. It’s always been at the very top of the class.  In terms of its ride quality, even with these large 18 inch wheels on the outside and as far as the noise level, we’ll go ahead and get a reading. We’re, going 58 miles per hour test at 55.

Looking at 59.8 decibels, it’s almost 60, which is a touch touch louder than some of the other competition but um it’s. Really not bad overall and it’s exactly what i would expect out of a vehicle in a second now, of course, as you probably know by this point, this does have a continuously variable transmission um, and that brings me to our one and only 2021 change and that’s.

The fact that the manual transmission has been dropped from the lx and the sport trim level. Those previously was standard on just those two trim levels. So now you’re gonna have the cvt as standard equipment.

2021 Honda Civic Sedan Configurations

2021 Honda Civic Sedan Configurations

Some of you guys will miss that. But honda says not many people were opting for it um. I do hope with the next generation, though they’ll, bring back the manual again because i i i just like to have the option for you auto enthusiast out there yeah and this car is one of the best driving in the entire segment. So it definitely is good to have that option right. Why don’t we talk about that yeah i mean you can just tell when you kind of go around corners and stuff. That is one thing, and this car is absolutely not aged at all.

The competition is still trying to figure out how to catch up with the 2021 Honda Civic Sedan. Besides for the mazda 3, these two are just far above everything else in the segment. The way they drive and handle is just phenomenal. The steering really has a nice feel to it. It has decent heft when you go around corners body. Roll is kept to a minimum. You kind of feel like you, set really low to the ground and it just feels like a very agile and fun vehicle to drive all right.

How much the 2021 Honda Civic Sedan Price?

However, depending on the different trim levels that you get, it can go all the way up to 36, combined so kind of pick, whichever treadmill you want for the fuel economy and then, as far as the pricing is concerned, uh prices are going to rise around a Thousand dollars, since i have made that cvt standard on the lx sport trims as you would expect uh, so the lx is now going to be $21.050, Sport, $22,850, EXL $35,400 and Touring $28.100.