2021 Ford Mach-E – An Electric Mustang That’s Worth The Price?

2021 Ford Mach-E – As of late, there’s, been a lot of discussion of electric vehicles progressing into the future. Lots of manufacturers, including ford, have talked about changing their whole lineup to where they would not have any internal combustion engines, but go with full electric vehicle power.

2021 Ford Mach-E Specs

2021 Ford Mach-E Specs

Now, with this mustang machi, this is their first full foray into a plug-in electric vehicle, and, if you think about it, they were kind of smart. They decided to take that mustang name that has so much rich history and just recognition, and they brought it to the maquis to help it get out there and maybe make it be that vehicle that people want to park in their garage when it comes to evs.

What You Have to Get From 2021 Ford Mach-E

Now, what’s interesting? They decided to take a route of a crossover suv rather than a sports car or a truck, and this really shows the direction that ford is continuing to go in because remember not too long ago.

They eliminated all their regular passenger cars. One thing is for certain ford is not messing around and they’re, bringing their a game when it comes to this very very filled with competition, a very challenging field of ev vehicles with this 2021 Ford Mach-E.


This the one to get over a tesla or the other competition? And if you’re wondering well, which tesla really this one hones in on that model y, let’s, go ahead and find out right off the bat you’re, going to notice the styling.It is very unique, but it does have some of those mustang touches to kind of bring in that recognition.

Starting off at the front of the business you’re, going to have a very, very slim, headlight housing, a little bit of bright metallic silver. You can see the direction that they went in with the tri-bar setup of the daytime running lamp. So you have the led daytime running lamp with that tri-bar setup, that’s meant to be that mustang cue to connect the two together led headlights.

I do like the design, i think they went great with how they overall shaped the headlight housing and the overall size of it. Now, as you come down there’s, no reason for fake vents or anything like that. You’re, going to get some flat black trim and a little bit of gloss black trim.

This particular color is a premium optional color, it is a tri-coat. It’s, got a nice metallic pearlescent to this star light white, which is absolutely beautiful, come across the center area, where you would have a grill. There is no grill, but they did a great job kind of outlining where a grill would be with the gloss black.

2021 Ford Mach-E Limited

2021 Ford Mach-E Limited

You do have a forward-facing camera on this particular 2021 Ford Mach-E. We have our mustang badging, still not a hundred percent. How i feel about calling this a mustang Mach-E, i like the name, 2021 Ford Mach-E, really kind of fits into the the whole ford branding and e standing for electricity or electric. But to me it’s. It’s, not a mustang.

So i am going to zonk that, but it is a good looking badge i’ll. Tell you that much work, your way down. You’re, going to have some active shutters and then you’ll, also notice how they integrated the lip right into the front fascia with a little bit of gloss black.

That goes all the way along. The bottom extends out nicely. One of the main things with electric vehicles, even more so than your standard internal combustion engine vehicle, are the aerodynamics to try to get this to cheat the air as much as possible. Now, when we get up on to the hood, of course, we’re, going to have a front mounted trunk space, which i’ll, showcase that in a little bit.

But you can see how the hood meets with that top portion of trim, and then you’re gonna have two nice rises. I like the way they didn’t just do a massive hood bulge. That kind of goes with the mustang muscle car. Look, they kind of just brought up these two rises and then the way they did the fenders really nicely curved and done well to have that nice flow going towards the side of the vehicle.

Now, as we come around the bend, what you’re, going to notice on this particular 2021 Ford Mach-E, they took the gloss black from the bottom, brought it around that fender treatment. I think it works perfectly with the white and then these wheels are specific to this trim.

There’s, lots of different wheel options. This is going to be an optional 19-inch wheel, machined aluminum, with the gloss black it’s, got your 2021 Ford Mach-E pony badge there you do have regen braking and i’m quite impressed with the size of the calipers up front.

2021 Ford Mach-E Configurations

2021 Ford Mach-E Configurations

Look at the size of those calipers behind those 19-inch wheels wheels and tires. You’re. Looking at 225 on the width 55 series sidewall. My one concern like we brought up on other reviews. I don’t know how this gloss.

Black is gonna wear over time, but definitely brand new sitting here at walker ford, it pops very nicely with the white that we have now. As we go down the side super clean, you got gloss black on the mirror caps. With your turn signals we do have 360 degree cameras on here, which is nice cameras all the way around very tasteful.

I love what they’ve done with the mock e badge, so you they kind of brought that classic mach 1 style to it. But added the e with the blue signifies that this is an ev and that x, badging, very, very tasteful, the gloss black along the lower sill. You’ll notice, how it kind of curves up and then curves back down as you get towards the rear.

Everything is rounded one. Other thing i really want to showcase is on the side of the vehicle where the door handle is. There is an actual door handle. You literally have this little lip for the front door and you hit that button and then the door opens it’s, magic, it’s, an electric door close it up working your way towards the rear.

I do like the way they have gloss black up top. This one does have an optional glass roof, which i’ll show you once we get on the interior, but i think the black, like, i said, works great with the white into the rear passenger door.

2021 Ford Mach-E Price

2021 Ford Mach-E Price

The rear passenger door just has a single button and that allows you to open up the door. The button is located cleanly right back there and i’m glad they didn’t put that little lip because i would have killed just the overall flow of the design, very small on the quarter window, but that’s okay and i love the way the rear pillar just comes into the back now. This is where we get a little bit more of the mustang overall design. I’m, going to have lori kind of swing around and show how that rear.

Fender kind of flares out just like on a current mustang. They did that on purpose to bring in that style. I like the way they have a nice gloss: black low roof spoiler. I wish that they would have tucked the wiper up underneath, so we are going to zonk that, and even though i still am struggling to call this a mustang, they did one heck of a sexy job with the tri-bar tail lights very unique.

I love the folds and the bends. They’re clear with the red led lighting, which is very tasteful there’s, your pony, we got one up front. We got to have a pony at the back end of the stable as well and then, as we drop all the way down to finish it off super clean, no fake exhaust. Obviously there is an exhaust on here, but i’m glad they didn’t, try to simulate something, give it quad tip exhaust or something.


What i love is the cleanliness of the door panel. What i mean by that is that there’s, not a bunch of crazy design. There it’s real simplistic and i think it works. Nice, dark soft touch material up top a little bit of silver trim and then, as you work into the midsection that’s, where you pick up the gray, i’m digging.

The speaker cover very unique speaker grille cover. We do have the 10 speaker b, o sound system in this particular one with the sink four setup. I love what they did with the armrest, the white contrast stitching and then that door pocket there super size for a foot, long meatball sub with extra parm, and you have a little cubby in the back portion to put a few milky way and butterfinger candy bars.

Now, as we go from the door panel to the dash look at what they did here with the b o sound system, that same style of speaker, grill cover is going to give you that nice clarity to the sound you do have hard plastic up top and Hard plastic in the middle, they brought some faux carbon fiber in here i’m going to zonk it.

2021 Ford Mach-E Interior

2021 Ford Mach-E Interior

It really looks out of place in this 2021 Ford Mach-E, i think of all the other materials out there, especially when we come to 21st century materials. Not digging the the faux carbon fiber, but i am digging the nice soft material here with the white contrast stitching just like on the armrest and then look at what we have taken center stage super size, that is, that optional 15 and a half inch infotainment system.

It looks like it’s taken right out of a tesla product. They have that same vertical setup. It’s kind of stuck to the dash in a really awkward way. I’m, not digging it. To be honest with you, because of just how it’s kind of just plastered there with some double-sided tape, but it is really large. You do have navigation, apple, carplay, android, auto and, of course it’s.

A full touch screen hit. The little mock e logo that takes us into our different drive modes engage whisper, unbridled, let’s talk about some of the power here, so this one has the 88 kilowatt per hour extended battery.

So that means we go from a range of 230 miles, all the way to 300 miles, and if you’re looking at horsepower when you go unbridled, you’re, going 290 horsepower 317 pound-feet of torque and it’s really easy to switch from the different modes, very, very intuitive system. I hit camera that’s, going to give us our forward-facing camera nice wide angle. We have our 360 up top.

You could also go ahead and change the different ways that it’s displayed very easily. I go ahead and throw it in reverse. There’s, our backup camera, which trajectory with the 360.. It actually takes up a large room of the area on that infotainment system screen.

So i’m very happy to say that and, like i said, very intuitive, you could go into your navigation. You go right back to our icons here. We could get our tire pressure, everything kind of works well and you do have the nice swipe features here at the bottom portion, which you could just hit that and bring it up that way.

2021 Ford Mach-E Electric Range

2021 Ford Mach-E Electric Range

We do have dual climate. Everything is activated through the screen. We have heated seats but no ventilated seats and that’s, going to be a zonk. For me for a 54 thousand dollar crossover suv, you do have a heated steering wheel.

You can see how they kind of worked in that volume knob with the power button really clean work, your way down, underneath that you have a usbc, a usb wireless charging pad, and then you got enough space for two paydays and a small snickers, but watch check This out, they were very smart. The engineers were very smart with creating that bridge style of a center console area.

You’ll notice. It’s a flat floor because there’s, no drive shaft. It’s totally flat in here. That gives you more space. You got two cupholders. I like the way they went flat black for when your drinks are sweating. It’s not going to get all over the pretty gloss black key fob. I’m struggling to say it. But there’s  2021 Ford Mach-E, i would have preferred this just be called the Mach-E, but that’s just me, spin it around there’s, your buttons, but i get it.

They’re, trying to use that mustang name to help create excitement for this vehicle. You do have more of that beautiful white contrast stitching. I’m, really digging what they did here with the material and then, of course, you’re, going to have the rotary selector knob to go through the different gears park, reverse neutral and drive when you throw it into reverse, you are Going to get a loud, chirping beeping sound from the back to alert people, and this is a single speed transmission.

So there’s. No simulated gears there’s, no gears whatsoever. It’s, a single speed transmission love, the nice high armrest with the stitch work i just wish it was a little softer. You could lift it up out of the way open up this door and then lo and behold guess what you could put your favorite rubik’s, cube that you used to use back in high school.

2021 Ford Mach-E Color

2021 Ford Mach-E Color

Keep that in there, for when you’re bored or maybe when you’re stuck in traffic or maybe when the battery dies and you’re waiting for a charge, but 12 volt easily placed here’s. One thing i want to just show is that, with the armrest up, you have another area where you could put a bag like a five pound bag of red, delicious apples.

You could put that right there and have something to munch on seats. I love this activex material super soft, the perforated, the stitching. The color really supports the body very nicely. Of course, you’re, going to get full electric assist on the passenger and on the driver, and then you have this massive: optional glass roof.

My only zonk with it is that it does not have a sun shade and it does not open it’s, just a glass roof. It does make everything open and airy. I want to show you coming back to the infotainment side of things. I want to show you a couple different settings with this, so you have something called one pedal drive by turning that on the throttle also acts as the brake pedal.

You release your foot off the throttle. It applies the brakes. This does have regen braking and it’s very easy to turn on and off. Of course, you could go into the different ambient lights propulsion sound. You could have synthetic noise if you want, or you could go without the synthetic noise, and we will be showcasing all that in the drive but overall being six feet tall in here.

2021 Ford Mach-E Cargo Space

2021 Ford Mach-E Cargo Space

It feels really spacious. I, like the height of the dash. I like how much room i have up top, especially with the glass roof, but why don’t you come over the business end. I want to show you behind the wheel of this 2021 Ford Mach-E, all right, guys, business time behind the wheel of this Mach-E.


They need to update their game a little bit. They need to bring just a little bit extra style gloss black kind of blends in nicely and then, of course you have the 2021 Ford Mach-E logo. There. I’m, going to go ahead and hit the power on button, and then you’re, greeted to a 10.2 inch digital display for the driver’s side, which is wonderful. That’s, going to give you all the readouts and remember with this particular premium, mach e. It has that 88 kilowatt per hour extended battery.

That’s, going to give us a range of up to 300 miles 0-60 in 6.5 seconds. Mpgs 104 in the city and 90 on the highway. I, like the nice view that you get from the rise in the hood on each side. Seats are comfy.

How much the 2021 Ford Mach-E Price?

It’s, not all-wheel drive msrp for the way that 2021 Ford Mach-E is optioned is going to be $53.940.